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Stop paging through Google to find a quality breeder. We help breeders display as much information as possible about their puppies so that you can make a highly informed decision on who to work with.

"When is your next litter due?"

Tired of asking breeders that question? So are we! Now you can see when breeders expect their next litter to be available.

Message Breeders Directly

Did that one breeder ever get back to you? No more searching through your inbox to find past conversations. With Petigree, you can message breeders directly- and we'll make sure to get you a response as fast as possible.

Goodbye Questionnaires

Great breeders want to know who they are selling to- and we agree with that! However, we don't agree with filling out the same form multiple times. When you reach out to breeders through Petigree, you'll only need to fill out one!

Verified Reviews

Trusting a breeder is one of the hardest things to do for future puppy owners- that is why we rely only on transaction-verified consumers to rate breeders. The only way we are going to end unfair breeding conditions is if we do it together!

More Than "Puppies for Sale"

Virtually every website that advertises puppies for sale shows no information regarding the breeder. They even go as far as removing negative reviews to help boost sales. Our goal is to help the pet industry, not worsen it- guaranteed.

Why We Believe In Responsible Dog Breeders

Here at Petigree, we firmly believe that responsible, transparent dog breeders are the best positioned to make a significant impact on the ongoing struggles the industry is having. That is why we are focused on arming them with the tools necessary to highlight their skillset and reputation. In doing so, we believe that future pet owners will be able to better distinguish a responsible breeder from one that is not.

We Need the Community to Speak Up

Ensuring that each breeder is practicing the correct breeding standards is not feasible- even for us. That is why we rely on our community to help bring awareness to what breeders are most responsible, and which need to improve their standards. Each pet owner that uses our service is asked to leave a review on the breeder they worked with. We then take that review into consideration and re-evaluate the breeder as necessary. Together we can make a difference in the lives of our furry friends!

Our Mission

We connect future puppy owners with loving, responsible dog breeders with puppies for sale.

Why We Are Different

Unlike other businesses in the market, we have no intention of supplanting the breeders- quite the opposite, actually. We believe the future of puppy ownership lies firmly in the hands of responsible, loving and moral breeders.

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