Business Tools for Breeders

We Help Breeders Manage Their Current and Potential Families So They Can Focus On Caring For Their Pets

Create Your Profile

Keep Track Of All Your Data

Can't quite remember if you sent John that form? Or what his email was? No problem- we show you all the information related to a potential family in one place.

Contracts, Invoices, Documents

Tired of dealing with contracts, application forms and invoices? We've automated it! Upload your documents once and never worry about it again. Send invoices and reminders with just one click.

Notify Families of New Litters

Everyone loves newborns- make sure you let all interested families know about your new litter. You'll be able to see who received your announcement and those who didn't.

Manage Waitlists

Easily see which family is interested in upcoming litters, as well as send announcements in just two clicks. See who has or hasn't paid easily.

Proudly Display Reviews

Conveying your quality and skills to a new family is difficult, and a very big part of their decision-making process. We encourage each new family to submit a breeder review. That way you can see how you can improve, as well showcase how awesome you are!

Widgets For Your Site

Tired of spending more time on your website then with your pets? Those days are over. We provide simple, drag-and-drop tools so you don't need to worry about any HTML.

Pet Availability

Tired of getting asked when your next available pet will be? With our tools, you can easily display what litters will be available, and have families register for specific ones.

All Your Conversations In One Place

Don't remember who said what? We got you covered- we save all your conversations so you can easily see what was previously said and agreed upon.

Breeding Is About the Animals- Not Your Website

With Petigree, we want breeders to focus on what they do best- raising healthy, beautiful pets. Claim your own profile so that you don't have to worry about (or pay for) your website ever again.

Our Mission

We provide respondible, community-verified pet breeders with the tools necessary to connect with future pet owners.

Why We Are Different

Unlike other businesses in the market, we have no intention of supplanting the breeders- quite the opposite, actually. We believe the future of pet ownership lies firmly in the hands of responsible, loving and moral breeders.

Not sure how we can help you? Are we missing a problem that desperately needs fixing? Let us know! We respond to all emails within an hour.