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Kimberlee's Kennels

Kimberlee's Kennels

Decorah, IA 52101


Shih Tzu


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Shih Tzu


2.) Comes in 4 sizes: Standard, Miniature, Moyen, Petite. 3.) Comes in low shed and non-shed. 4.) Offered in the following colors: Black, creme, apricot, mahogany red, and parti. 5.) Coats come in sport, wavy or curly. Sport meaning straight or whispy. 6.) Energy level is moderate to high, partly due to size. 7.) Goofy, playful, loyal, loving, friendly. 8.) Great with children. 9.) They feel part human and have a spirit about them that is hard to beat in any other breed. 10.) High ...



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